Proud moment while working for community

It was the second time I was going to this rural school in Thumpakhar, Sindupalchowk district, in Central Nepal. The name of the school is koldung devi mavi . The school was well decorated with the temporary gate made from bamboo covered with climber plants and flowers. It had a big red cloth banner inked Swagatam in silver paint. Few students were standing outside of the gate with laligurash garland in their hand. As we approach the gate, they welcome us with red colour tika on forehead and laligurash garland.

We were going to the Project hand off ceremony of E-library in a remote village. The project was carried out by Help-Nepal Network and I along with two other team members were technical team for that project. As we entered through the gate we see the huge crowd. There were students and their parents and villagers. I felt like I was going to a Parent's day meet at some school. We did not expect such a big program. We were guided towards the dias which was on the other side of the ground. As we pass the crowd, everyone wee clapping their hands appreciating our work. The feeling I had at that time was overwhelming.
The first time I went to this village was along with my two friends and 10 computers in a truck about 1 months before this program. There was 2 hours of walk off road after we park the truck. Almost 20-25 students from the school had came to the road to receive us. They helped to take the the computer parts carrying in their head or some Doko(Doko is a kind of basket made from bamboo, woven by hand in netted form giving it a conical shape . Dokos are especially used by porters to carry goods in Nepal). The walk was downhill and then uphill. After a tiresome walk we reached the school. we started setting up the computers. We spent 3 days training teaches and students. The training was quite challenging. The one thing we realized then was that The kids learned faster compare to teachers. That helped us develop better plan for future project training structures.

The handover program today was a very special day. We had interactions with teachers, parents and students. The students entertained the audience with poems, songs and dances. Teachers and parents shared how the daily life is getting influenced by the E-library in just a month span of time. The community was using the E-library facility after school hours. I was happy that I was part of the new transformation that is coming to their life. It was a proud moment. I still remember that day and feel proud of myself.


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