Worst Experience of UK

I thought it was always Nepal or our part of the world where things do not go well. But since I came to UK I am noticing many things of that part of the world is better than UK. Today I had a most bitter experience of UK. I still cannot sleep thinking what happened after that.

I am my friend Pravab were roaming around the town to drop the CV for part-time and festival jobs. On the Dapery street, in front of Barclays bank- town center, the accident took place. Two ladies were crossing the road to come to the street we were walking on. They crossed well and while steping on the footpath, the second lady fell down with her face towards the ground. Pravab and me were only there so Pravab pick up her mobile which slipped from her hand and we tried to help her stand. The first lady just noticed, as she was walking before her, and cried that she is pregnant. The lady who fell down was already crying due to pain or fear. we three tried to make her relax and the first lady called 999 for ambulance. Pravab was holding her and I was doing nothing but being there trying to relax her but words were not breaking from my mouth. We didnt know how to react or help in such situation. Thank god, the passingby two ladies joined . They suggested to ley her down in the ground and helped her become calm. The pegnant lady called her husband and asked Pravab call him. Within 2-3 min her husband was there in his car but the first lady who was calling ambulance was still taking on phone. The other side on the phone was asking questions one after another for around 10 minutes. She happen to be the sister-in-law of pregnant lady. Then we knew the lady was 9 months +few days of pregnant. The ambulance came after 15-17 minute that too was a car. Then a lady from that ambulance started asking questions to the pregnant lady about how she fell, where she fell and all. She told another ambulance is on its way. After more 5 minutes the ambulance van came. The lady was taken to hospital I suppose. We wished her and her husband luck and took our way.

I could not sleep till now coz the scene was always coming on my eyes.

I was wondering what the heck! In Nepal also if we call ambulance it comes just in few minutes despite of traffic, no such many questions. But here its UK, the Great Britain... No major traffic jams, all clear roads. How can one dare to query so many things when there is question of life- that too a going to be born one... Accident occurred on the heart of the town but also it took around 20/25 mins for ambulance to come. If this is the procedure, If this is the system, If this is called first world, I prefer my Nepal instead.

I am unable to express myself... what is going on inside me now and then......

I pray God nothing bad happen to the family. God bless them.


  1. That's sad bro, i can't still sleep thinking of that :(
    I hope the women and her unborn child, both are fine

  2. Well, yeah, actually nothing is perfect in the world, back home, we though when we go out everything gonna be perfect, but thats not how it seems when we are here, Pray to God both the baby and the mother are in good condition.


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