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Worst Experience of UK

I thought it was always Nepal or our part of the world where things do not go well. But since I came to UK I am noticing many things of that part of the world is better than UK. Today I had a most bitter experience of UK. I still cannot sleep thinking what happened after that.

I am my friend Pravab were roaming around the town to drop the CV for part-time and festival jobs. On the Dapery street, in front of Barclays bank- town center, the accident took place. Two ladies were crossing the road to come to the street we were walking on. They crossed well and while steping on the footpath, the second lady fell down with her face towards the ground. Pravab and me were only there so Pravab pick up her mobile which slipped from her hand and we tried to help her stand. The first lady just noticed, as she was walking before her, and cried that she is pregnant. The lady who fell down was already crying due to pain or fear. we three tried to make her relax and the first lady called 999 for ambu…