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Proud moment while working for community

It was the second time I was going to this rural school in Thumpakhar, Sindupalchowk district, in Central Nepal. The name of the school is koldung devi mavi . The school was well decorated with the temporary gate made from bamboo covered with climber plants and flowers. It had a big red cloth banner inked Swagatam in silver paint. Few students were standing outside of the gate with laligurash garland in their hand. As we approach the gate, they welcome us with red colour tika on forehead and laligurash garland.
We were going to the Project hand off ceremony of E-library in a remote village. The project was carried out by Help-Nepal Network and I along with two other team members were technical team for that project. As we entered through the gate we see the huge crowd. There were students and their parents and villagers. I felt like I was going to a Parent's day meet at some school. We did not expect such a big program. We were guided towards the dias which was on the other side…

I Fancy Biking

Out of many things I like to do. Biking is something I fancy most during summer. Before Biking for me was for commute but it has not been a mean of commute here in Minnesota. But it's a very good medium to know to world around me. Friends, I am going to take you to my biking journey in minnesota. I love to observe and interpret every sight I see.

I see people skating, walking, brisk-walking, running, walking with dogs, couple walking holding hands, pair biking, biking with kids trailer attached, group biking, jogging with or without strollers. The age group I see through the trail varies from 2-3 years old to 80-90 years old. From the country where old people are more seen on beds and house, its surprisingly amazing to see how active they are here. I always smile at everyone who passes me. Most people greets, some smiles you back whereas some people are very serious or focussed or thinking of something else- may be work or wife and do not bother to see/response your smile.

All the…

विवेकशील नेपाली र रञ्जु दर्शना

हिजो रञ्जु  दर्शनाको अन्तरवार्ता हेरेँ, लाईक र सेयार मात्र गर्न मन लागेन र अझ के गर्न सकिन्छ भनेर सोच्दा केहि लेख्न मन लाग्यो। लेख्नै पर्छ जस्तो लाग्यो। कुनै राजनितिक दल वा उमेद्वारको समर्थनमा यो मेरो पहिलो लेख हो। म आजको दिनमा परदेशमा छु। आसन्न स्थानिय चुनावमा मत खसाल्न आउन पाँउदिन। दु:ख लागेको छ। तर म सहयोग र समर्थन गर्न सक्छु र गर्छु जस्ले मेरो ऊर्जा र सपना बोकेको छ। हाम्रो देश, राजधानी सुन्दर बनाउने।

विवेकशील नेपालीत्यो पार्टी हो जस्ले दोस्रो संबिधान सभाको चुनावताकानै मेरो मन छोइसकेको थियो।
म गर्वका साथ भन्छु मैले चुनाव चिन्ह कुकुरमा मत खसाले। बाक्य सापट लिएर भन्नु पर्दा "रेस्टुरेन्टको मेनु हेरेर म:म अडर गर्न" तिर लागिन। यो विवेकशील नेपालीपार्टीमात्र यस्तो पार्टी हो जो भनाई र गराइमा एकरुपता छ - साच्चै नै विवेकशील र पारदर्शी।

२ बर्षअघिको त्यो महाबिनाशकारी भुकम्प। थाह हुने बितिकै परदेशमा हुने हाम्रो मन छिया छिया भएको थियो। सुन्धाराको धरहरा ढलेको सुन्दा हाम्रो मनमा अनेकौ धरहरा ढले। दिन रात नसुति देशको अवस्था र हाम्रो असक्षमताले पिरोली रह्यो। अाजै जौँ भोलीनै जौँ जस्तो हुन्थि…