I Fancy Biking

Out of many things I like to do. Biking is something I fancy most during summer. Before Biking for me was for commute but it has not been a mean of commute here in Minnesota. But it's a very good medium to know to world around me. Friends, I am going to take you to my biking journey in minnesota. I love to observe and interpret every sight I see.

I see people skating, walking, brisk-walking, running, walking with dogs, couple walking holding hands, pair biking, biking with kids trailer attached, group biking, jogging with or without strollers. The age group I see through the trail varies from 2-3 years old to 80-90 years old. From the country where old people are more seen on beds and house, its surprisingly amazing to see how active they are here. I always smile at everyone who passes me. Most people greets, some smiles you back whereas some people are very serious or focussed or thinking of something else- may be work or wife and do not bother to see/response your smile.

All these activities on the trail are so amusing. I wish my wife be on my side and see such a wonderful life along with me. But again everyone is not same and what I am amused with may not be interesting to her.

I love to bike new routes because it will let me observe new things, see new locality and people. but One of the route I frequently take is going to the chain of lakes. The life around the lake on pleasant sunny day is so nice. If you are early in the morning, there will be more people in the trail but you see quiet lakes and many birds flying over the lake. As the noon approaches, people encroach the lake. Now you see canoy, boats and yacht on the lake, the trail is busy with people. The best thing about the tail around lake is its one-way and its Bike Only, there is separate trail for walkers. The park, grassfields, beach are all crowded with people. people playing frisbee, volleyball, toss games, some people are reading books, some are taking photographs, some tanning in sun and some playing in the beach. I see people throwing ball and their pet dog grabbing it and bringing. I wonder if both were enjoying. If I were that dog, I would never bring it back to the owner as I know he will throw it again. Some group of people holding some private event, some are grilling. I see people hanging on hammock- reading books, playing with kids, some couple having a nap on each others arm. Last sunday I saw one new thing -hammock tent. its tied to 3 trees and its a tent high above the ground and kids were inside. while parents are grilling. Not sure kids were playing in there or were in prison-like cell while parents enjoying grill without kids nagging them.

The different type of houses on the shore of the lake also interests me. Some are big like manson and some are very small house. Their design and the decorations of garden outside of their house. Everything I see with my eyes amuse me. The lake of isles on the chain of lakes have very good variety of houses. Every house design is unique.

These days I am on a 30 days biking challenge. That means I have committed to bike for all 30 days of april. today is 27th day and I will be hitting the gym after this meeting. Weather is not being good so most of my Spring rides are stationary bike rides in the gym. May next mission is MS150. Its a 150 miles biking from beautiful city of duluth to Minneapolis on june 9th and 10th. I will be enjoying my every ride as a new ride because everyday is different and the people around the trail are different.


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